iCare : About Us

Why iCare

iCare LLC is a Syrian leading company in health care sector with a vision to concentrate on the recent medical services and technologies.
With its lovable tagline “BETTER CARE BETTER LIVE”, iCare has always been a firm believer that our community deserves health care that is measurably better.

Our Vision:

We are seeking to empower health care consumers so they can make informed decisions and take an active role in their own care.
The quality of health care is measured not merely by technology, because the best services need skilled and talented team to make the right choice. What really matters is the result.

Our Policy:

We are seeking to print our special touch and improving the health level through the following:

  1. Building confidence in relationship with our clients in various medical sectors (Government & Private hospital, Medical Center, Pharmacy, Clinic, Medical Store and Beauty Center).
  2. Maintaining privileged relationship of business and friendship with our clients and partners either in Syria or worldwide.
  3. Contributing to develop the medical sector and improve the health life level of people in Syria and neighboring markets.
  4. Improving the quality of research in the health sciences studies careers.
  5. Committing to provide an efficient after-sale services.
Our Values:
  1. Patients: BETTER CARE. BETTER LIFE. Our motto "Patient's well-being always comes first".
  2. Quality: Make every product looks like a family member.
  3. Clients: They are our partners who will always get more than expected services.
  4. Knowledge: Develop our teamwork skills and keep them aware of the recently concepts and latest researches about medical field.
  5. Environment: Leave it much better than we have entered for the first time.

We aim to provide the best care, the right care, for you.

Better Care. Better Life

Pioneer institution in importing, marketing and distributing pharmaceutical products and medical equipment’s